Photo – Terrance Siemon

from Adventure Pro Magazine, August 2018 article by Brandon Mathis

Penitente Canyon – Brink Messick and Mick Daniel are surveying a desert landscape from the saddles of their mountain bikes looking for input from a group of riders they’ve led into the canyons and mesas outside of Del Norte, Colorado. Though better known for rock climbing, mountain bikers have taken interest in the rugged terrain over the last few years. All are part of a movement to develop new recreational opportunities in the San Luis Valley in hopes of bringing some attention to one of the most economically challenged regions in the state.

To Messick, it’s all about providing access to public lands.

“Access to hiking, hunting, running, watching, biking,” he said. “Access to forests, streams, mountain-tops, desert rocks, access to public lands and open spaces, yours, mine, ours.”

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