The BLM’s Bishop Rock Area is in the hills just south of Monte Vista at an elevation of 8,280 feet, and is unmatched anywhere in the State of Colorado.  See Map Here  It contains a 40 acre slick-rock non-motorized open play area for bikers and hikers. For advanced riders, this freeform area of flowing rocks creates something similar to a natural skate park. This playground, designated as such by the BLM, has all the features you could ever want to test your skill level.

In Monte Vista, at the corner of US Highway 160 an Colorado State Highway 15 (aka Broadway), turn south and drive for 2.5 miles to Rio Grande County Road 28 and drive for 7.7 miles; turn right into the Bishop Rock Parking area; at this point are the No Motorized Vehicles signs; off load and ride on down the two track to the “domed rock area.”