The BLM’s Stone Quarry Trails area is a venue for mountain bikers and hikers alike at elevations from 7,900 to 8,100 feet.  It is located between Monte Vista and Del Norte, just off of US highway 160 to the south; the entrance being less than five miles east of Del Norte and ten miles west of Monte Vista.  See Map Here

To date there are 7.4 miles of purpose built slick rock and natural surface trail. This is a unique, rugged region with large boulder formations which give the user a sense of seclusion. In a scenic canyon land, the rock-featured trail system is a technically challenging play area with many short, tight, twisty loops. Several times the trail surfaces from the rock canyons, giving brief panoramic views of the entire Valley and surrounding mountain ranges.

The Limekiln is 13,783 acres of BLM land that connects via 24.1 miles of motorized single track and 29.2 miles of open roads to a multitude of canyons and 9.3 miles of single track Monument, just a few miles east of the Stone Quarry entrance.  See Map Here